Monday, January 11, 2010

TOP SEVEN Metro Trains Excuses

It's fucking hot here in Melbourne and it only gets worse if you have to take the train because those fuckers keep breaking, meaning cancellations and warped tracks and all manner of bad shit going down

You can read more about this city's woes at The Age:

Commuters face more peak-hour delays

Metro chief executive Andrew Lezala today apologised to commuters but said peak-hour users would again face delays due to faulty air conditioners and sagging overhead wires.

Although today's cooler temperature will reduce the number of mechanical problems, 12 trains remain out of action this afternoon, which means more disruptions across the network.

‘‘We’ll do the best we can to get those (faulty trains) ready for the evening peak. Some of them will be, other won’t because they have more difficult problems with the air conditioners," Mr
Lezala told radio station 3AW.

"There will be some disruption (this afternoon) but we are doing everything possible to give as good a service as we can.’’

Anyway - here my first Top Seven (yes like the Letterman Top Ten only with way less baseball references)

TOP 7 Metro Excuses
(for late/cancelled trains)

7. 90% of drivers sick with Monkey Pox
6. Had a flat wheel
5. Driver got held up in the Laverton - if you know what I mean
4. Something, Something... Jeff Kennett
3. Union held rolling stoppages over dangerous overhead wires
2. Had to give Mx something to b*tch about
1. We're not late, you're early!

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