Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hail to the King? Is the King old hat?

With this new Duke Nukem Forever, I know people are complaining about long load times and screen tearing so bad even I can notice it, but they are doing one thing in this game that is light years ahead of oh, COD, Borderlands, BFBC2, Half Life 2, fully half the shooters out there…

If this was Half Life 2 – that would be a floating marker

Man I saw a lot of those doors in Portal 2 – I wonder how the Duke will open it…

Wha… he actually kicks it open – you mean he has feet!??

Hard to convey with a still – but he’s actually pressing individual buttons on that keypad, not many games go to the trouble to animate that – ever pull a lever in Portal 2? That’s telekinesis Kyle!

George Broussard probably can’t see his own feet but at least you can when you play this…

Getting off the ground and dusting himself off.

I know of exactly one FPS game to date with this level of immersion – Mirror’s Edge and once you got used to the controls it was a fantastic experience – you feel like you are this woman leaping around the joint.

Now I know that it's things like this that probably contributed to the colossal Dev time, but I don’t get how reviewers are calling the game a dated FPS when its doing something that 90% of today’s shooters can’t even handle.