Monday, February 1, 2010

iPad - What is the point??

As more stuff comes out about Apple's new handheld device - the iPad, a shitstorm has erupted between Adobe and Apple over the revelation that the new device will not support Flash technology.

Flash, for anyone who's been living under a rock for the past ten years is the software that runs embedded video and animated applications on your web browser. Anytime you look at a video on Facebook or YouTube or a newspaper website - you're using flash

In this Article Apple honcho Jobs is quoted as saying that Adobe Flash is a bug-ridden software that causes Macs to crash therefore he won't supported it, putting aside that Apple has promoted the Mac as virtually indestructable and by inference unable to crash, a more likely excuse is that supporting Flash technology would allow a lot of content providers to bypass Apple's App Store thereby cutting the company out of their lucrative profit share.

So here we have a touch screen device, with no connectivity to PC's a virtually proprietary Sim Card, that runs a limited selection of programs and has little to no customisation, I'll pass thanks.

Interestingly the same article quotes Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, known mostly for his reality-defying statement about what consumers want, here he actually hit the proverbial on the head...

"It was a bigger iPod Touch"

Iwata FTW